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Writerly is a Chrome extension AI tool that provides writers with a range of templates and seamless translation in multiple languages. It offers AI templates for various fields, collaboration features for teams, and adapts to a brand's content style.

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What is Writerly?

Writerly is a Chrome extension AI tool designed to empower writers by providing them with a range of templates and seamless translation capabilities. With Writerly, writers can work anywhere and unleash their creative power in document mode.

Target Audience

Writerly is primarily targeted towards writers, content creators, and professionals in various fields who want to enhance their writing productivity and creativity. It caters to individuals as well as teams and organizations.

Key Features

1. Templates for Creative Power: Writerly offers a diverse selection of templates tailored for different purposes, including websites, SEO, social media, research, products, marketing, education, business, blogs, and advertising. These templates serve as valuable starting points and inspiration for writers.

2. Seamless Translation: Writerly enables writers to effortlessly translate their content into 25 languages. This feature allows writers to reach a global audience and expand their readership.

3. Collaboration: Writerly facilitates collaboration among teams and organizations. Writers can easily collaborate with colleagues, share documents, and work together in real-time to create compelling content.

4. Adaptive Content Style: Writerly's unique algorithm learns and adapts to a brand's content style. This ensures consistency and coherence across all written materials, enhancing the brand's identity and voice.

Possible Use Cases

Writerly can be used in various scenarios to streamline and enhance the writing process:

  • Content creation for websites, blogs, and social media platforms
  • Research and academic writing
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Product descriptions and reviews
  • Business proposals and reports
  • Educational materials and lesson plans


By utilizing Writerly, writers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency in writing tasks
  • Access to a wide range of templates for different purposes
  • Seamless translation capabilities to reach a global audience
  • Improved collaboration and teamwork among writers
  • Consistent and coherent brand voice and identity


Writerly is a powerful AI tool for writers that offers a range of templates, seamless translation, collaboration features, and adaptive content style. It empowers writers to work anywhere and provides them with the tools they need to unleash their creativity.


1. Can Writerly be used by non-writers?

Yes, Writerly can be used by anyone who wants to enhance their writing productivity and creativity, regardless of their writing proficiency.

2. Are the templates customizable?

Yes, the templates provided by Writerly can be fully customized to suit individual preferences and requirements.

3. Is Writerly compatible with other browsers?

As of now, Writerly is specifically designed as a Chrome extension and may not be compatible with other browsers.

4. Can Writerly translate content accurately?

Writerly utilizes AI technology to provide seamless translation. While it strives for accuracy, it is important to review and make any necessary edits or adjustments for optimal results.


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