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Yoodli is a free AI speech coach that offers personalized feedback for public speaking. It provides features such as um counter, grammarian general evaluation, and detailed analysis of speech. Yoodli helps users measure their pace, sound natural, and track their progress with data. It can be used for job interviews, investor pitches, and everyday conversations. The tool also offers personal coaching and impromptu speaking guidance from experts.

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What is Yoodli?

Yoodli is a free AI speech coach that provides personalized feedback for public speaking. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to help individuals improve their communication skills and become more confident speakers. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Yoodli is designed to assist both beginners and experienced speakers in enhancing their speaking abilities.

Target Audience

The target audience for Yoodli includes anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills. This can range from students and professionals who need to deliver presentations or speeches, to individuals who simply want to become better communicators in their daily lives. Yoodli is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Key Features

  • Um Counter: Yoodli's um counter feature helps users identify and minimize filler words or pauses such as 'um' or 'uh' in their speech. By providing real-time feedback, it encourages users to develop a smoother and more coherent speaking style.
  • Grammarian General Evaluation: Yoodli's grammarian general evaluation feature analyzes the user's speech for grammatical errors and provides suggestions for improvement. It helps users enhance their language skills and ensure their message is conveyed effectively.
  • Detailed Analysis of Speech: Yoodli offers a detailed analysis of the user's speech, including metrics like speaking rate, vocal variety, and use of pauses. This comprehensive feedback helps users understand their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on areas that require improvement.

Possible Use Cases

Yoodli can be utilized in various scenarios, including:

  • Job Interviews: Using Yoodli, individuals can practice and receive feedback on their interview skills, helping them to confidently present themselves in job interviews and stand out from other candidates.
  • Investor Pitches: Entrepreneurs and business professionals can use Yoodli to prepare and refine their investor pitches. By analyzing their speech and delivery, Yoodli assists them in making a compelling case for their ideas or products.
  • Everyday Conversations: Yoodli is not just limited to formal settings. It can also be used in everyday conversations to enhance communication skills and improve clarity, making interactions more engaging and effective.


The benefits of using Yoodli include:

  • Personalized Feedback: Yoodli offers personalized feedback tailored to each user's specific needs and goals. This ensures that individuals receive targeted guidance to improve their speaking skills effectively.
  • Data-driven Progress Tracking: Yoodli utilizes data to track users' progress over time. By automatically capturing and analyzing speech patterns and metrics, it provides insights into improvement and motivates users to continue their development.
  • Expert Coaching: In addition to its AI-driven features, Yoodli also provides personal coaching and impromptu speaking guidance from experienced professionals. This human touch further enhances the learning experience and provides valuable insights.


Yoodli is a free AI speech coach that offers personalized feedback for public speaking. It helps individuals improve their communication skills, reduce filler words, and enhance language proficiency. The tool can be used in various situations, including job interviews, investor pitches, and everyday conversations. With its comprehensive feedback and data-driven progress tracking, Yoodli assists users in becoming more confident and effective speakers.


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